i am: Nancy Burns

Nancy Burns
Nancy Burns

My Vynamic Color
Golden Green

Select functional expertise
Process improvement, strategic planning, change management, organizational design

BA in Public Health Studies, Johns Hopkins University; MHA, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Keys for success
Always be authentic

My family
My husband, Andrew, and our two dogs, Izzy and Copper

My Vynamic color
Golden Green! It’s the color of the sunlight through the treetops when I’m hiking with my dog, Izzy. I do my best thinking and am most at peace when in nature

Past Employment
Deloitte, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital

You may not have known
My great, great, great (etc.) grandfather Robert Cushman organized the passage of the Mayflower

Favorite travel destination
Budapest, Hungary and Marrakesh, Morocco; they are very different cities but both vibrant and rich in culture

As a child, I wanted to be
An astrophysicist! Sadly, quantum mechanics is not my strong suit

Where I unwind
My yoga mat

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