i am: Nancy Burns

Nancy Burns
Nancy Burns


My Vynamic Color
Golden Green

Healthcare sector experience
All things Provider

BA in Public Health Studies, Johns Hopkins University; MHA, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Past employment
Deloitte, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital

Keys for success
Always be authentic

Why the Healthcare industry
I have always known I wanted to work in healthcare. As a kid I was always fascinated by hospitals instead of scared of them. After thinking about (and trying!) several different paths from neuroscience to public health research, I discovered my skills and passions align on helping healthcare organizations solve their most complex strategic and operational problems. I love the work I do, and feel fortunate to have found work that fulfills me each day

My Vynamic color
Golden Green – It is the color of sunlight through the treetops. Being outside and in the woods (even if it’s just a walk through my neighborhood park) is when I do my best thinking and how I unwind

My family
Husband Andrew, son Nolan, and our two dogs, Izzy and Copper

You may not have known
My great, great, great (etc.) grandfather Robert Cushman organized the passage of the Mayflower

Favorite travel destination
Utah national parks; the landscape at Zion, Arches, and Canyonlands is awe-inspiring and so different to the East Coast. Hiking out there is like being on a different planet!

I could teach you how to
Cook an amazing chicken paprikash. My mom is from Budapest, and Hungarian cuisine is my ultimate comfort food

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