i am: Nicola Wood

Nicola Wood
Nicola Wood


My Vynamic Color
Tuscany Yellow

Select functional expertise
Strategic transformation, customer-led design, operational improvement 

BSc in Biochemistry, University of Leeds 

Past employment

Best early career advice received
Be comfortable with feeling uncomfortable 

Why the Healthcare industry
Everyone experiences the healthcare industry in one form or another, so it’s vital that we get it right 

My pet
Ness – a gorgeous Black Labrador x Golden Retriever 

My favorite pizza restaurant
Rudy’s Pizza or Zia Lucia  

How I unwind
Working out on my own in the gym or being surrounded by all my friends with a glass of wine 

Favorite travel destination
Either Italy or Mexico – happy with anywhere where there is good food! 

The one app I can’t live without
Spotify for all the podcasts and music 

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