i am: Nicole Garrety

Nicole Garrety
Nicole Garrety


My Vynamic Color
Ambitious Burgundy

Select functional expertise
Systems Implementation, Process Design, Project Management, System Testing

Past employment

B.S. in Mathematics from The Pennsylvania State University

My Vynamic color
Ambitious Burgundy. The color burgundy embodies significance and powerful energy that gives a sense of high ambition. Growing up in small town, I always strived to be the best that I could be so that I could pursue my career and personal goals wherever those would take me and without any limitations

I’m certified as
a SAFe Agilist and in Google Analytics

You may have not known
I know the first 30 digits of Pi and I celebrate Pi day every year by baking a pie

Favorite personal accomplishment
Running the Broad Street Run – although I played sports all my life, I was never a distance runner

My favorite community event
104.5 Birthday Show Concert in Camden, NJ. My friends and I go every year together and it’s always a good way to start off summer

Community causes
Code.org – I have organized multiple Hour of Code sessions with local Philadelphia schools

Locations I’ve worked
Philadelphia, Chicago, Tampa, Charlotte

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