i am: Oliver White

Oliver White
Oliver White


My Vynamic Color
Florida Orange

Healthcare sector areas of focus
Programme Delivery, Change Management, Organisational Development, Workforce Optimisation, Performance Improvement, Financial Efficiency, Strategic Planning, and Leadership Coaching

My professional passion 
While my profession is a huge personal passion all on its own; leading, coaching, and developing individuals and teams have been some of my most satisfying professional experiences

Keys for success 
There is an enormous value in the consistently excellent and timely delivery of fundamental processes and tasks. It is better to learn to walk before you try to run!

My industry passion 
The implementation, development, and improvement of Urgent and Emergency Care patient pathways within Healthcare Providers 

BSc in Chemistry, University of Huddersfield; MSc in Healthcare Leadership, University of Birmingham; Lean Six Sigma Practitioner, British Quality Foundation 

My pet
My wife and I are the unintended but proud adopters of an aged and cantankerous Ragdoll cat by the name of Tuna

My favorite musical 
I unashamedly think Hamilton is the greatest piece of media ever created 

Favorite travel destination 
My favourite city to visit in the world is New Orleans 

I’m certified as 
A Skipper! I am qualified to commercially captain a boat up to 10m (32ft) in length 

Unusual past job 
I began my career as an Assistant General Manager and acting Kitchen Manager in a popular chain of budget pubs 

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