i am: Ryan Graf

Ryan Graf
Ryan Graf


My Vynamic Color
Maine Woods Green

My professional passion
Connecting people in the interest of building the best team possible

B.A. in English, College of the Holy Cross

Past employment
Wayfair, Deloitte, Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.

Favorite professional work experience
Building an MBA campus recruiting strategy, process, and team for Wayfair, including defining a tiered, national target school approach that supported 10 different business lines

Best early career advice received
Don’t ever back away from a challenge

My Vynamic color
Maine Woods Green – I love being outside, and Maine (specifically Acadia National Park) is one of my favorite places in the world

Favorite personal accomplishment
Completing the first ever Ironman to take place in Ireland

My pet
Daisy, my lab mix rescue pup

Favorite sports team
New England Patriots

As a child, I wanted to be
A doctor, which aligns with my decision to join Vynamic to be part of the healthcare industry

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