i am: Samuel Katz

Samuel Katz
Samuel Katz


My Vynamic Color
Ultra Violet Purple

Healthcare sector experience
Hospitals, Providers & Provider Groups, Health Plans, Public Health

Favorite professional work experience
Managing the implementation of a complex care intervention that provided homeless individuals with wrap-around behavioral health and care management services

My professional passion
Leveraging insights across interdisciplinary teams to make complicated systems work more effectively and efficiently

Past employment
Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

B.A. Wesleyan University, MBA Temple University, MS(c) Temple University

My Vynamic color
Ultra Violet is associated with creating spaces that bring communities together and inspire interpersonal connections, which are both core values of mine

You may not have known
I was in Italy when they won the World Cup in 2006, in Spain when they won in 2010, and in Germany two weeks after they won in 2014

Passionate about
Access to physical and behavioral health services, homelessness, complex care interventions

Now learning how to
Code (beginner, want to get better!)

Unusual past job
I used to work as an assistant to a gourmet chef at In The Kitchen Cooking School while in high-school

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