i am: Suneel Modani

Suneel Modani
Suneel Modani


My Vynamic Color
Family Tree Green

Healthcare sector experience
For over a decade, I’ve focused on helping Provider organizations of all types improve healthcare delivery through modernized operations, enhanced governance and management, and stronger financial performance. Additionally, I help clients array strategic decisions and facilitate prioritization and planning 

B.S. in Zoology and Master of Healthcare Administration, University of Florida 

My professional passion
Building capabilities in others – whether with client organizations or teammates – to help unlock potential and provide ongoing impact 

Best early career advice recieved
Get comfortable being uncomfortable 

Keys for success
Respect the team, rally to the goal, celebrate wins, learn constantly 

My family
I am the youngest of three siblings (2 older sisters), and my wife Amber and I have 2 littles ones – Anderson and Chloe 

Athletic pursuits
I’ve been generously donating golf balls to the woods and lakes of Orlando for the last 5 years 

Rules to live by
“If everyone takes care of each other, nobody has to take care of themselves.” 

How I unwind
TV is my escape, specifically ‘grown up’ cartoons, such as Bob’s Burgers 

As a child I wanted to be
A doctor, specifically a neurosurgeon.  One of our family friends was a pediatric neurosurgeon and I so admired the impact he was able to make with his work.  This sparked my passion for healthcare 

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