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Jessica Peterson

View  on LinkedIn Head of Growth & Development and Leadership & Performance Coaching Offering Lead

My Vynamic color

Balanced Blue Green / #008080

Living. Leading. Learning. Growing. Thriving. Our definition of healthy is the sum of our five values. We will thrive with the freedom to explore our unique strengths.

Get to know Jessica.

Health Industry sector experience

Life Sciences; Health Services; Health Technology

Passionate about

How the digital environment can improve healthcare delivery and overall outcomes through patient engagement and adherence.

Keys for success

Be an audience before you take the stage. Take care in challenging the process.

Bottom line

I always have the big picture in mind. I thrive in taking the complex, making it simple and actionable.

You may not have known

I stand tall at 6 feet, but my real growth spurt came when I grew 8 inches in one year.

My family

My husband, Mike, and our sons, Nolan and Gavin

Favorite sports team(s)

The Patriots

How I unwind

Reality TV on Bravo

Why I chose my Vynamic color

Down to its core, the color is 50% green and 50% blue. It represents my ultimate aspiration of finding balance in everything that I do. Business needs vs. Patient experience. Work vs. Play. Everything is about balance.

What’s your Vynamic color?

Vynamic is currently seeking new team members (and their chosen colors) to add to our diverse palette. Ready to join a team that prioritizes authenticity and individuality? Explore the skills and experiences we need to grow our team.