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Megan De La Asuncion

Business Support Manager

My Vynamic color

Turquoise / #1cc2da

Get to know Megan.

Best early career advice received

"Act now, apologize later"

Favorite professional work experience

Leading the effort to open three new offices across the country for CBAM

Locations I've worked

Texas, Washington D.C., Oregon, NYC

Why I joined Vynamic

Because the people are genuine and the culture is unmatched

Keys for success

Always be one step ahead, always use eye contact, always use spell check!

Favorite local community event/tradition

Friday Night Classic Car Cruise and BBQ at Johnson's Corner Farm

How I unwind

On a run through the city, or finding the perfect flow in a yoga studio

Passionate about

Learning Spanish to communicate with my husband’s family in Spain

Local best kept secret

The Pie Lady Cafe in Moorestown, NJ!

My hero

Yo-Yo Ma inspires me in so many ways. He is an incredible cellist and human. He uses his musical genius to connect with people and different cultures all over the world. He has countless collaborations with other artists as well - my favorite are The Goat Rodeo Sessions!

My Professional Journey.

What’s your Vynamic color?

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