i am: Holly Girardi

Holly Girardi
Holly Girardi


My Vynamic Color
Pacific Ocean Teal

My professional passion
I am driven by helping people, but doing it in a way that truly serves the people it’s meant to in a way that is sustainable and in partnership with them 

B.S. in Elementary Education, Towson University; Master’s in Social Work, Boston College 

Best early career advice received 
“Be brief. Be brilliant. Be gone.” A former boss and mentor shared that with me years ago and it has stayed with me 

Bottom line
I have worked in public education, international non-profits, and federal healthcare consulting, which have all led me to be adaptable, develop human-centered designed solutions, manage varying priorities, and come up to speed on any topic quickly! 

My pet
My husband and I got our pup, Ralphie in January 2020. He is a bit of a supermutt but is obsessed with swimming and cuddling. Best of both worlds 🙂 

My Vynamic color
Pacific Ocean Teal – My husband and I moved to southern California in March 2021 and living a mile from the Pacific Ocean has been so calming. Teal and variations of that color family are always present everywhere I live. It’s a color that brings me a lot of peaceful energy 

You may not have known
I was a vocal performance major in college, pursuing classical singing. I decided that performing was not what I wanted to do full-time, so now you can catch me singing at friends’ weddings and local karaoke spots!  

I’m certified as
A yoga instructor. I ran a yoga retreat company in a place I love deeply, Haiti, for a couple of years leading up to the pandemic. It was a great opportunity to show people the beauty of Haiti and also give back to an organization we partnered with that helped children get and stay in school 

I can’t live without
Bravo and sunshine 

Past employment
The Lewin Group/Optum Serve Consulting 

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