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Diversity, equity, & inclusion.

At Vynamic, our sincere commitment to DEI extends to every element of our processes, policies, and behaviors. We’re committed to being an organization that values, celebrates, and elevates the unique voices across our team, with our clients, and in our communities.

Our diversity, equity, & inclusion vision & mission.

Our Vision: Diversity, equity, and inclusion are intrinsic to who we are and how we work.
Our Mission: To cultivate an environment that invites authenticity, celebrates unique perspectives, and fosters belonging.

Vynamic DEI annual report 2023.

Every year, Vynamic brings our DEI strategy to life through events, cultural recognitions, educational opportunities, and community-focused efforts. We’re proud to share an Annual Report highlighting our most powerful initiatives and successes from 2023.

DEI leadership.

Matthew Howard

Senior Hub Experience & Enablement Director and Vynamic DEI Lead

Matthew Howard.

Matthew Howard is a healthcare industry management consultant with 10+ years of experience in customer experience, data collection and analysis, health equity, and clinical research innovation. He currently serves as Vynamic’s DEI Lead after several years co-leading our internal DEI Council. Matthew currently serves as Vynamic’s Senior Hub Experience & Enablement Director, leading Vynamic’s Office & Hospitality teams. He continues to serve as a subject matter expert for DEI client engagements.

At Vynamic, ‘We believe there is a better way,’ and that extends to our DEI approach. What I love about our DEI work at Vynamic is that we’re often looking at the outcomes of our actions and efforts. Our DEI work is never a ‘check-the-box activity,’ and it’s not just about ‘doing the right thing.’ We create meaningful change for our team and empower one another to carry that through to our clients and communities.

Sai Khisty

Director, DEI Council Lead, DEI Offerings Lead (Culture & Team Effectiveness Service), & VynAsians (ERG) Co-Lead

Sai Khisty.

Sai Khisty is a healthcare industry management consultant with 7+ years of experience in strategic and operational initiatives, working with clients across multiple industries to address complex challenges. She currently serves in multiple DEI-related leadership roles, including DEI Council Lead, DEI Offerings Lead within Culture Curation, and Employee Resource Group (ERG) Lead.

“What I admire about Vynamic’s approach to DEI is that it drives beyond the surface level with an intersectional lens; we seek genuine understanding and meaningful application to processes and culture. Through this approach, we’re able to cultivate high-quality discussions and outcomes, internally and externally, which equitably represent the world we live in and the communities we serve.”

Vynamic employee resource groups & leaders.

Moses Adenaike

Senior Manager

Tilewa Otunba Nwaeze

Senior Director


VBlk aims to provide solidarity and expand the horizons of both Black team members and allies to help serve local communities and increase the pipeline of Black professionals at Vynamic.

Sai Khisty

Director, DEI Council Lead, DEI Offerings Lead (Culture & Team Effectiveness Service), & VynAsians (ERG) Co-Lead

Tamaron Bertelli

Senior Director, Medical Affairs Strategist


VynAsians’ vision is to create a supportive community that provides connectivity, resources, and experience-sharing to empower Asian, Asian-American, and British-Asian colleagues to thrive at Vynamic.

G Tharp



VynamiQ provides LGBTQ+ team members a space to connect with each other, advocates for inclusive business decisions, and invites allies to learn about and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community.

Matthew Hein

Senior Director

J.R. Abueg


Vynamic veterans.

Vynamic Veterans aims to provide recognition and support to Veterans and their family members through mentoring, networking, and professional development, while enabling all Vynamic team members to engage with the Veteran community.

Curious about the business impact of DEI?

After experiencing the extraordinary impact DEI has had on our own organization, we developed DEI as a client-facing service. Whether clients are looking to develop a strategy, stand up a council, or improve health equity, Vynamic is proud to partner with them to support their efforts.