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Health Services.

We partner with health organizations who invest in patients’ care, making it more efficient, affordable, equitable, and accessible.

Health Services refers to the provider and payer organizations across the health industry that, together, are playing an increasingly interconnected role in the way patients experience the process of managing their health. With the emergence of new care delivery models, advances in innovation, and an evolving regulatory landscape, these organizations are part of the complex system that collectively works to keep patients at the core and improve the way they receive and pay for care. Managing health, whether at the person or the population level, is complex. We help clients rise to the challenge.

With a team whose expertise spans the health industry, we pride ourselves on providing unique insights through an interwoven, cross-sector lens. Our commitment is to deliver results that create value and maximize your investment.


Empowered patients, outcomes-focused care delivery models, industry consolidation, and a dynamic payer landscape create a complex environment for providers. Organizations must look beyond traditional operating boundaries to create value and excel in collaborative models.

We work with:

  • Health systems & ambulatory care
  • Home & community-based care
  • Retail & specialty pharmacy
  • Digital health & virtual care
  • Care conveners
  • Public health organizations
  • Channel providers

2024 Provider Outlook.

Listen to our Head of Providers discuss the five trends he expects to be most impactful in the Health Services sector in 2024 on Vynamic’s Trending Health Podcast.

Provider solutions.

Strategy & Growth

We develop impactful strategies, supported by initiatives, to generate competitive differentiation, advantage, and growth.

Financial Sustainability

We improve operating margins through more effective care delivery and alignment.

Leadership, Governance, & People

We design effective leadership structures and operating models to support strategy and ensure optimal delivery.

Technology & Digital Experience

We accelerate patient engagement through digital resources that facilitate care delivery and improve the management of costs.

Who we serve.

Health systems and ambulatory care

Meeting the needs of patient populations today, particularly with the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases, requires providing care both in and outside of the hospital setting. Health systems and ambulatory care work in concert, playing a crucial role in providing high-quality, accessible care to patients.

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Meet our experts

Alison Paymer

Home and community-based care

We understand the significance of shifting healthcare delivery from traditional settings to providing care in the patient’s home or preferred community setting. With the increasing prevalence of these alternative care delivery settings, there is opportunity for innovation, cost containment, and improved care experience.

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Shannon Connolly
Tilewa Otunda Nwaeze

Retail and specialty pharmacy

Given that retail and specialty pharmacies are often the first point of contact when patients seek health-related advice, it is vital that they are equipped to connect patients to the right care setting. Beyond providing access to medications and health-related products, specialty pharmacies also offer education, medication management, and programs to help patients manage their unique conditions.

Our latest thinking
Digital Pharmacy and Blink Health

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Ryan Hummel

Digital health and virtual care

Digital health and virtual care technologies make it possible for patients to receive care on demand, allowing patients in remote or underserved areas to access high quality care and treatment through the ‘digital front door’ without traveling long distances. Providers have access to real-time patient data, enabling more informed treatment decisions, and contributing to lower costs and improved outcomes.

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Nancy Burns
Sai Khisty

Care conveners

Care conveners are organizations that bring together independent physicians and physician practices under a common brand or management structure. These aggregators provide administrative support, infrastructure, and resources to increase operational efficiency and to deliver comprehensive care to a population, while often assuming risk to manage health and wellbeing with adjacent payers.

Our latest thinking
Improving Long Term Support & Services For An MCO’s Most Vulnerable

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Saurabh Raman
Ryan Hummel

Public health organizations

Public health organizations – including Federally Qualified Health Centers, community-based organizations, and foundations – play an increasingly important role in promoting public health by ensuring equitable access to high-quality health services and resources. Their value is their unique ability to provide comprehensive, high-quality care to people of all ages, regardless of their ability to pay.

Our latest thinking
AmeriHealth Caritas: Next Generation Service Delivery Model

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Mindy McGrath

Channel providers

Channel providers – including wholesalers, clinical research, and group purchasing organizations – have emerged with offerings across the pharmacy and medical channels. These organizations are developing capabilities that link the clinical and operational sides of healthcare through contracting, supply chain, data, and patient support.

Our latest thinking
Enhancing Clinical Research

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Ryan Hummel
Mindy McGrath

National Health Service (NHS)

The NHS, the UK’s public healthcare system, is facing the same core challenges as healthcare systems in the US: immense demand, constrained resources, shortage of healthcare workers, and evolving technological landscape. Integrated Care Systems, NHS Trusts and Community Health Services face unique challenges requiring leaders to identify bottlenecks, reduce waste, implement best practices, and adopt innovative healthcare solutions that improve patient outcomes and increase access.

Our latest thinking
COVID-19 & NHS Workforce Burnout – Time to Recover, Reflect, & Rebuild

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Owen Thomas
Will Turnbull


The evolving market landscape is compelling payers to rethink their business strategies and operating models.

Developing innovative approaches and making investments in strategic partnerships will unlock growth and diversification opportunities, enabling clients to thrive.

We work with:

  • Health insurers
  • Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs)
  • Third-Party Administrators (TPAs)
  • Public health organizations
  • Government & public services organizations

2024 Payer Outlook.

Listen to our Head of Payers discuss the five trends he expects to be most impactful in the Health Services sector in 2024 on Vynamic’s Trending Health Podcast.

Payer solutions.

We partner with payer clients to deliver the following solutions:

Product commercialization Bringing new health insurance offerings to market

As the health insurance landscape evolves and new entrant data becomes available, clients need to strategically evaluate and adjust their product portfolios to compete.

To support these efforts, we partner with clients to:

  • Stand up new products and programs
  • Develop their Go-to-Market approach
  • Design product offering operating model design
  • Plan and design product portfolio

Meet our expert
Saurabh Raman

Government markets Supporting clients in Medicaid and Medicare initiatives

In the United States, the Medicaid and Medicare markets are experiencing rapid change due to the evolving regulatory environment and shifting population demographics. Planning for and navigating these dynamics is critical for our clients’ long-term financial sustainability.

We deliver projects to enable:

  • Medicaid RFP readiness
  • STARS program support
  • Strategic Medicare and Medicaid growth opportunities
  • Initiatives related to Health Equity and Social Determinants of Health

Meet our expert
Keith Sutter

Strategic diversification Helping clients evolve into the world of health convergence

Payers are reimagining their value proposition by both building and buying best-in-class capabilities. As clients embark on journeys of acquisition, transformation, and overall diversification, we provide a cross-sector perspective that supports the successful execution of those efforts.

We have experience offering support related to:

  • Healthcare services transformation
  • Partnership and vendor selection
  • Medical cost containment and affordability

Meet our expert
Lucas Van Drunen

Pharmacy benefits Navigating the converging worlds between Pharmacy and Payers

As payors and pharmacy benefit managers increasingly focus on the promotion of preventive care, the management of chronic disease, and the improvement of medication adherence for better health outcomes, they are seeking to strategize and implement innovative approaches that are both financially sound and patient-centric.

We deliver projects and identify key value drivers within:

  • Pharmacy benefit channel advisory
  • Rx drug market access
  • Medical and Rx benefit design
  • PBM cost containment and affordability

Meet our expert
Mindy McGrath

Member experience A comprehensive Member 360 view for an enhanced experience

With a growing emphasis on the consumer experience, payers are rapidly transitioning to comprehensive Member 360 views to drive an enhanced understanding of their member population. With robust data, organizations seek to enhance the member experience while delivering increased efficiency and improved decision-making.

We deliver projects and identify key value drivers related to:

  • Member segmentation and journey mapping
  • Experience design and prioritization
  • Implementation support and change management
  • Omnichannel experience
  • Contact and Command Center transformation
  • Concierge services program design and implementation
  • Custom KPI dashboards & reporting

Meet our expert
Jason Caine

Healthy culture Unlocking an organization’s true potential

Successful organizations know that the way their team members work together is as important as the work they are delivering. We provide expertise and guidance to help clients establish cultural practices, plan for communications, and deliver training.

We support our clients with:

  • Change management, inclusive of technology initiatives
  • Culture & Team Effectiveness for team integrations
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies and initiatives

Meet our expert
Michael Ricciardi

Ryan Hummel

Senior Executive & Head of Providers

Saurabh Raman

Executive & Head of Health Plans

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