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Deal Activation & Partnership Enablement.

Vynamic helps clients manage critical, time-sensitive activities across the deal life cycle. We bring laser focus, unwavering continuity, and deep expertise to help deal partners protect and maximize value while minimizing disruption to talent and operations

Value threats lurk within and across each phase of the transaction life cycle.  Our team partners with you to surface and address these vulnerabilities, helping you minimize value erosion and achieve your vision and deal strategy goals.  

Partnerships, mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures are becoming increasingly common across the health industry, rooted in a desire to accelerate strategy, efficiency, and innovation. However, the complexity of these efforts tends to drive substantial delays, cultural challenges, and sub-par business outcomes.  

We believe there is a better way to design, budget, and execute strategic partnership plans with a deliberate focus on realizing the targeted value and reducing value leakage. Our team of experienced professionals take a unique and tailored approach to drive sustained value maximization, combining strategy and structure with flexibility and agility.  

Our Offerings

Successful deals must transcend the mere exchange of assets to realize true value. Unlocking value requires a holistic approach that seamlessly integrates strategic planning, operational transformation, governance, and change management across the deal continuum from due diligence through post close integration. Vynamic threads these disciplines throughout our deal offerings, ensuring your deal strategy is executed with precision and your deal goals are achieved. 

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Deal Assessment

Strategic Planning
• Strategic Rationale • Due Diligence Management • Financial Modeling

Operational Transformation
• Talent Strategy & Planning

Change Management & Governance
• Program Governance • Communications & Change Strategy

Tap to view Pre Close Planning

Pre Close Planning

Strategic Planning
• Strategic Program Management • Integration Planning • Transition Services Determination

Operational Transformation
• Operating Model Assessment & Design

Change Management & Governance
• Culture & Team Effectiveness • Communications & Change Management

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Post Close Integration

Strategic Planning
• Strategic Program Management • Synergy Measurement & Realization

Operational Transformation
• Operating Model Implementation • Talent Integration • IT Integration

Change Management & Governance
• Culture Integration • Communications & Change Management

Kevin Fletcher

Senior Director and Deal Activation & Partnership Enablement Service Lead

Sean Martin

Executive and Deal Activation & Partnership Enablement Service Lead

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