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Health Technology.

We support organizations whose innovative solutions, technologies, devices, and data are shaping the future of health.

Health professionals and consumers have unprecedented access to information at their fingertips, making them more digitally savvy and insight-driven than ever before. This increasingly consumer-driven market has heightened the expectations of product and service experiences, with customers not only appreciating, but anticipating that interactions are tailored to meet their unique needs. Health Technology companies play a crucial role as the prevalence of technology, data, and analytics accelerate this market shift.

Given these evolving market dynamics, Health Technology companies are increasingly sharpening their focus on demonstrable product value, compelling go-to-market approaches, and business agility to stand out in an ever-crowded market. The innovative players across this landscape are enhancing the way companies make decisions, develop medical technologies, and engage with customers on their unique health journeys.

With a team whose expertise spans the health industry, we pride ourselves on providing unique insights through an interwoven, cross-sector lens. Our commitment is to deliver results that create value and maximize your investment.

The market is evolving.

The increasing prevalence of data, insights, and consumer-centric technology-enabled solutions have fueled a growing Health Technology market, inclusive of traditional and non-traditional entrants.

We work with:

  • MedTech & Devices
  • Connected Health Solutions
  • Data Insights & Analytics
  • Drug Discovery Services
  • Consumer & Patient Health Navigation Solutions

MedTech trends.

Listen to our Head of Health Technology discuss the five key trends she expects to be most impactful in MedTech in 2024 on Vynamic’s Trending Health Podcast.

Health Technology solutions.

We partner with clients on solutions designed to address their unique needs and challenges:

Launch Device launch and portfolio and product management

Launching new products successfully in today’s crowded technology environment is harder than ever. Coupled with large legacy portfolios, Med and Health tech companies are looking to ensure their investments within their portfolio are maximized.

We partner with clients on solutions like:

  • Develop a launch strategy
  • Navigate launch readiness, including cross-functional planning
  • Mature product lifecycle management processes

Meet our experts
Mary Virzi
Christina Nikolos

Engagement Medical education, sales, and customer engagement optimization

In today’s increasingly complex and connected healthcare ecosystem, the ability to deliver effective messaging in a coordinated manner is paramount.

We partner with clients on solutions like:

  • Customer experience & journey mapping
  • Omnichannel transformation
  • Enablement, training, and communication strategies

Meet our experts
Jessica Werle
Mike Zapiec

Commercial Transformation Digital health technology go-to-market transformation

Digital Health technologies are transforming how legacy Medical and Health Technology companies have gone to market. Today’s products have hardware, software and data components, requiring a unique approach in commercializing

We partner with clients on solutions like:

  • Develop compelling value propositions
  • Cultivate a sales strategy and enablement plan
  • Understand back-office implications to new business models

Meet our expert
Staci Carney

Commercial and Delivery Financial Optimization Enabling operational changes to optimize financial discipline

Organizations are continuously innovating and pivoting to achieve their strategic objectives. To enable this business agility and innovation, health technology organizations require mature commercial and delivery financial discipline.

We partner with clients to:

  • Assess the current state of the business, operational process, roles, and underlying metrics
  • Design a future state to address current challenges and capitalize on opportunities
  • Develop an execution roadmap that balances effort and value, defines ownership, and considers all stakeholders
  • Craft the story, communications plan, and resources needed to execute on the organization’s change journey

Meet our experts
Michael Hudson
Arran Basra
Mary Virzi


Capability Integration Acquisition integration leadership

Medical and Health Technology companies have immense opportunity to drive the future of health through strategic investments of new capabilities and products in their portfolio.

We partner with clients on solutions like:

  • Development of pre-close and day 0 plans
  • Integration program management
  • Organizational designs and operating models

Meet our experts
Sean Martin
Kevin Fletcher

Operating Model & Org Design Optimizing the organizational model

Technology organizations need to quickly adapt their businesses to keep up with the rapidly moving healthcare market and to continue the attraction and retention of extraordinary talent.

We support clients to:

  • Develop a robust understanding of current state, inclusive of strategy, purpose, and values
  • Determine design principles that enable evolution of the organization and operating model
  • Diagnose the current challenges and opportunities, identifying any misalignment with strategy, differentiators, and customer needs
  • Design the new organization, inclusive of roles, career paths, and succession planning
  • Build the roadmap that defines organizational transformation projects to achieve incremental success and successfully manage through the change

Meet our experts
Michael Hudson
Dominic Cabano

Mary Virzi

Executive & Head of Health Technology

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