i am: Jeremy Shirey

Jeremy Shirey
Jeremy Shirey


My Vynamic Color
Sunburst Orange

Recent select project
Our client acquired five new salesforces and I worked to transition them all over to a single CRM and Sales Reporting platform as part of the integration efforts

University of New Mexico, BS in Mechanical Engineering

Passionate about
Cooking and growing my own produce (when Boston weather permits)

Little known fact
I’ve been going to the same place for bar trivia almost every week since 2012 (and have the prizes to prove it!)

A Boston best kept secret
Mike and Patty’s sandwich shop, located in Bay Village. They have the BEST breakfast sandwiches!

Favorite professional work experience
Leading a team to prepare a top ranked hospital for a major EMR go-live, which became a benchmark for success within its provider network

My pet
A big lovable black lab named Cody and a crazy miniature dachshund named Reggie

Favorite travel destination
Cape Town, South Africa! By far the most beautiful and geographically diverse country I’ve ever been to. Always the number 1 travel destination I recommend to people

Music and arts involvement
I played the saxophone for 8 years and am currently learning to play the guitar

I could teach you how to
Make the best steak ever with a Sous Vide cooker and be a master Settlers of Catan player

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