i am: Kendall Kelly

Kendall Kelly
Kendall Kelly


My Vynamic Color
Sunset Orange

Favorite professional work experience
Leading creation of a “Human Capital Roadmap” to assess and enhance Air Force Civil Engineering human capital practices 

Select functional expertise
Organizational change management; human capital transformation; government industry and policy

When do you feel most valuable at work?
I feel most valuable at work when I am able to use foundational knowledge to think on my feet and support those around me in a leadership capacity. I love when members of a team can seamlessly band together to solve problems through applying each of our personal skillsets and honoring one another’s strengths 

Keys for success
Connect with others; take time to understand the work you support; thoroughly think through a problem before beginning to offer solutions 

Past employment
IBM Consulting, Booz Allen Hamilton, Johnson & Johnson 

My Vynamic color
Sunset Orange – I feel this color represents my summers down at the Jersey Shore, gathering on the roof with my family and friends to take in the sunset at night 

Passionate about
Exercise, travel, cheesesteaks, and the foodie scene at-large 

Athletic pursuits
I am a former tennis player that would love an excuse to get back on the court! 

Music & arts involvement
I grew up super passionate about singing and theater, with the culmination of my efforts taking me to district and regional state choirs in Pennsylvania! 

Favorite local community event
Peddler’s Village Fall Scarecrow Festival 

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