i am: Mairead Hanna

Mairead Hanna
Mairead Hanna


My Vynamic Color
Silver Lining

My Vynamic role
Talent Management Director

Favorite professional work experience
Designing and overseeing the Vynamic onboarding and orientation processes

My favorite Vynamic experience event
The grand opening of our Boston office. So many people came together to open a truly beautiful space and allow for the Boston team to feel they fully had a ‘home’ in Beantown

Favorite personal accomplishment 
Serving on the 15-person Executive Committee for Penn State Dance MaraTHON (THON) and raising more than $10.6 million in the fight against pediatric cancer

Bottom line
I am a people-centered problem solver with a passion for coaching, storytelling, and culture curation

The Pennsylvania State University

Hobby I’ve spent way too much time on
Baking cupcakes – hundreds and hundreds of cupcakes and pounds of frosting

My family
My fiance, Felipe, and my very large, very Irish family

My favorite restaurant
Giorgio on Pine – a perfect little BYOB hole-in-the-wall Italian spot with heaping pasta portions and the most charming Italian owner

My Vynamic color
Silver Lining – I strive to bring an optimistic perspective everywhere I go and in everything I do, so I try to remind myself and others to look for the positive in every situation

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