i am: Sean Jenkins

Sean Jenkins
Sean Jenkins


My Vynamic Color
Signal Blue

Healthcare sector experience 
Health Plans, Public Health, Providers

B.S. in Marketing, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

Favorite professional work experience
Collaborating with client executives to plan and transition operations and historical data to a Philadelphia-based payer as part of a joint venture engagement

Why the Healthcare Industry
I believe healthcare is on the cusp of significant change as driven by greater collaboration of industry partners, and I strive to propel this improvement

My Vynamic color
Signal Blue – This represents my two homes, Philadelphia and the Jersey Shore. This hue of blue is captured in the Philadelphia flag, as well as in the alternate jersey color for our Philly Union soccer club, and it reminds me of Sunset Lake in Wildwood Crest, NJ

Healthcare sector areas of focus
Medicare, Medicaid, Value-Based Care Design & Execution

Favorite sports team
All Philly Pro Sports teams, University of Pennsylvania & University of Oklahoma athletics, and Liverpool Football Club

Favorite travel destination
Palm Spring, CA – my wife and I are highly enthusiastic yet remarkably mediocre golfers

Little known fact
I was on an episode of an early reality tv show called MTV Fanatic. I wasn’t the focus of the segment, just the supportive older brother. My brother, Brad, was able to meet & interview his favorite rap group, “A Tribe Called Quest”

Philly favorites
Cheesesteaks at Steve’s Prince of Steaks, Ghent mussels at Monk’s Café, and a Roast Pork sandwich at DiNic’s in Reading Terminal Market

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