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Chris Wuenschel

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My Vynamic color

Electric Lime / #cbdb2a

Living. Leading. Learning. Growing. Thriving. Our definition of healthy is the sum of our five values. We will thrive with the freedom to explore our unique strengths.

Philadelphia, PA

Get to know Chris.

Health Industry sector experience

Life Sciences; Health Services; Health Technology

Vynamic service expertise

Commercial Operations; Marketing; Managed Markets; Supply Chain

Why the health industry

It is both challenging and rewarding.

Locations I've worked

Boston, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, New York, San Francisco.

Professional passion

Using data and analytics to provide the most value to a business.

Favorite travel destination

Cinque Terre, Italy.

Favorite personal accomplishment

Running a marathon.

My favorite

Dessert: Chocolate Pot de Creme.

What’s your Vynamic color?

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