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Janet Binswanger

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My Vynamic color

Colorado Summer / #692dac

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Favorite Vynamic event

My favorite Vynamic event was the first one I planned at Lincoln Financial Field. It took negotiating and relationship building in order to achieve both our budget and vision for the day. It was a huge success and the relationships made have continued to be strong and worthwhile for the team.

Favorite professional work experience

I am so proud of Culinary Concepts, the off-premise catering company I started in 1987, which grew into a multimillion dollar company in 25 years. It is something I dreamt of as a kid, and worked incredibly hard to fulfill that dream. We catered up to 1000 events a year, including 5 inaugural balls.

Keys for success

The key to success is relationships. I pride myself in the relationships I have formed over the years. I wouldn't be at Vynamic today had I not accepted an invitation to meet Dan Calista, Vynamic's founder. Also, I believe reciprocity is important. Treat others as you would want to be treated.

Professional passion

I am most passionate about creating memorable events, delicious food and always being inclusive. I wouldn't be the person I am today without the support, friendship and love of everyone around me. My mantra... the more the merrier!

Why I joined Vynamic

At the time, Vynamic was a 60-person company and I was asked to curate experiences and events. I was used to catering to hundreds of people, and unfamiliar with working in an office environment. It proved to be the greatest risk I have ever taken, and continues to bring me joy and challenge daily.

As a child, I wanted to be

I always wanted to have a restaurant, cafe or catering business. I loved to cook and knew that would ultimately be my career path.

My Vynamic color

Colorado summer represents spending my summers in Colorado. The joy I experienced there truly made it my happy place. My color is swirled like a tie dye pattern: sunshiny yellow, wildflower purple, Colorado blue sky and green, green grass. These colors reflect the surrounding beauty of Colorado.

Favorite sports team(s)

My favorite sports team is the Philadelphia Eagles. My family are the longest season ticket holders in the franchise history. My entire family bleeds green. That passion and excitement continues into my work, as I am responsible for our Vynamic suite at the stadium.

I could teach you how to

I can teach you how to cook with whatever is in your refrigerator and pantry. So many need to plan their meals, but they would be surprised how you can brighten any ordinary meal with many condiments and spices in their kitchens. It's all about not being afraid... you can always fix flavor.

My family

Family is the most important thing to me. My grandparents took us around the world because they believed travel to be best way to educate. The tradition continued, and now my children are connected with their cousins, aunts and uncles. Every year, we have a family reunion and enjoy togetherness.

My Professional Journey.

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