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Nicole Soegaard

(She/Her/Hers) Director

My Vynamic color

Amapola Red / #f3320b

Living. Leading. Learning. Growing. Thriving. Our definition of healthy is the sum of our five values. We will thrive with the freedom to explore our unique strengths.

Philadelphia, PA

Get to know Nicole.

Vynamic service expertise

Business Transformation enabled by Technology Implementations

Best early career advice received

The best businesses are built on a foundation of strong relationships and that in business as in life, your most valuable currency is your integrity.

Athletic pursuits

Anything from skiing to yoga. I also grew up playing soccer and tennis competitively.

I could teach you how to

Salsa dance.

Why I chose my Vynamic color

I was passionate about bringing a small piece of my hometown with me to Vynamic. The Amapola is the state flower of Puerto Rico and represents the vibrance and beauty of the island where I am from.

Languages I speak

Fluent in English and Spanish, Conversational in French.

Philly favorite

Wissahickon Valley Park. It’s just a 15 minute drive from downtown Philly and has over 50 miles of beautiful trails to explore.

What’s your Vynamic color?

Vynamic is currently seeking new team members (and their chosen colors) to add to our diverse palette. Ready to join a team that prioritizes authenticity and individuality? Explore the skills and experiences we need to grow our team.