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Thais Carvalho

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My Vynamic color

Speedy Red / #ff2800

Finance professional with four-years experience in the professional services space, creating impactful process improvements and promoting collaboration.

Boston, MA

Get to know Thais.

Best early career advice received

Work smarter, not harder. This was key for me to really be motivated by making processes more efficient.

Favorite professional work experience

I would say my time with Quantis, since it was where I was able to learn the most in my early years with the company.

Professional passion

Making processes make more sense and run smoothly, and of course implementing changes where appropriate to make processes more efficient!

Why I joined Vynamic

I was blown away by the collaborative team I saw in action, which was very motivating for me in past experiences.

Why the health Industry

I’ve always wanted to work in an industry where there would ultimately be good being done for the world, and healthcare has such an important hand in keeping us and the world healthy.


Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil!

My pet

I have a Pomeranian named Foxy! He loves hanging out on my desk at home.

Favorite healthy activities

I love a good spin class! Also hiking when the weather is nicer.

Favorite travel destination

I love going back to Brazil, the beaches and the food are amazing.

Local best kept secret

Greystone Café in the South End in Boston is an adorable place to grab a coffee while on a walk, or if you wanted somewhere to sit and work or read while having a coffee.

What’s your Vynamic color?

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