DEI For Healthcare Organizations: Where to Start

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Now more than ever before, healthcare organizations are reflecting on how to improve health equity and address bias within their organizations. Jen & Ryan are joined by Vynamic’s Diversity Equity & Inclusion Service Leads, Stefanie Christmas & Shannon Connolly, to discuss what leaders should be thinking about as they address this industry imperative. 2020 ushered in a “cultural reset” for the business world, especially the healthcare industry, to think about DEI in a new way (01:05) – beyond being the right thing to do, we know embedding a culture that is committed to DEI has demonstrated benefits to healthcare organizations in terms of employee engagement, innovation, financial performance, and patient outcomes (02:00). However, impacting meaningful change requires a thoughtful approach – it is important for organizations to assess where they are on their DEI journey (11:00), develop a roadmap of outcome-driven short- and long-term goals (12:23), and communicate their strategy and successes along the way (16:04). This type of effort requires a true shift in mindset and embracing new conversations (19:10) – it may not always be comfortable, but that is where the true change begins (21:13).


For additional information on where to start your organization’s DEI Journey, check out Vynamic’s recent insight, service information, and case study.


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Stefanie Christmas, Director and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Service Lead

[email protected]

Shannon Connolly, Director and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Service Lead

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Ryan Hummel, Executive and Head of Provider Sector

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Jen Burke, Director and Healthcare Industry Strategist

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