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MedTech – How to harmonize your digital & field engagement to optimize your sales effectiveness

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With contributions from: Hannah Yee and Mike Zapiec

In the rapidly evolving MedTech landscape, relying solely on traditional sales and marketing strategies is no longer sufficient. Today’s health care professionals (HCPs) expect a cohesive experience that merges face-to-face and digital interactions seamlessly. Even if traditional methods have historically served your organization well, staying ahead requires evolving with the times. If you’re ready to transform your organization’s approach to customer engagement, here are some insights to get you started.

The Essence of Harmonization

At the heart of this strategic evolution is field and digital harmonization, which blends the art of personal connection with the science of digital engagement to deliver enhanced customer experiences. Imagine equipping your sales reps with a deeper understanding of each HCP’s unique needs before they even set foot in the room. That’s the essence of harmonization, where insights gleaned from digital interactions enrich face-to-face engagements (and vice versa), rendering every conversation more relevant, every solution more customized, and every follow-up more effective.

Moving Beyond the Status Quo

In a world that’s changing faster than ever, the real challenge isn’t merely keeping up; it’s about staying ahead. Investing in the integration of field and digital strategies can unlock several opportunities, including:

1. Boost Your Sales Rep Productivity: Integrating in-person and online strategies not only enhances customer interactions, but also enhances the effectiveness of sales representatives.

  • For instance, adopting a Next Best Action system, fueled by AI, enables companies to analyze vast amounts of data in real time and use predictive analytics to guide a sales rep to the optimal next move – send a personalized email, make a call, or schedule a meeting. Sophisticated Next Best Action strategies go even further to provide insights on the best day, time, channel, and messaging to engage with specific customers. By leveraging these hyper-personalized recommendations, sales reps can streamline their efforts, dedicating their time and energy to actions that are most likely to resonate with their customers and yield the best outcome.

2. Unleash the Power of Data: Data is the lifeblood of future MedTech sales and marketing strategies. Mastering the blend of field and digital channels turns data into a strategic powerhouse.

  • Imagine leveraging a robust Marketing Technology (MarTech) stack to sift through customer engagement metrics, pinpointing the content and messaging that captivates HCPs the most. These multi-faceted insights enable companies to arm sales reps with highly personalized solutions tailored to the unique concerns and preferences of their customers. Such a focused approach not only elevates the quality of their interactions but significantly boosts the likelihood of increasing access to HCPs and converting engagements into incremental revenue, as reps can more effectively demonstrate the value of their products by meeting the specific needs of HCPs and their patients.

3. Differentiate in a Crowded Field: In the growing MedTech market, a seamless omnichannel experience powered by the latest tech isn’t only impressive – it’s transformative.

  • Picture a sales rep enhancing their in-person product demonstrations with virtual reality (VR) and technology to simulate medical procedures. In addition to these advanced tools, digital marketing can extend the learning journey beyond the physical meeting. Through targeted emails, easily navigable websites, and on-demand video tutorials, HCPs can access additional training materials at their own convenience – whether that’s during initial onboarding, at the point of sale, or as a refresher on complex product features. This engagement strategy goes beyond mere information dissemination; it ensures an immersive and continuous learning experience.

4. Empower HCPs and Elevate Patient Care: At the end of the day, HCPs want solutions that simplify their workflows and improve the quality of care they provide to patients. Bridging the gap between field and digital strategies directly caters to this.

  • By leveraging insights from patient interactions with product content, MedTech companies can curate an online suite of resources for HCPs to share with their patients. This resource hub can include materials such as simple, interactive product guides to explain procedures to patients, customizable patient education videos, downloadable FAQs and checklists, and on-demand webinars for continued learning. This tailored suite of resources empowers HCPs to provide informed, personalized, and high-quality patient care.

These real-world applications are the beginning of the evolution. Now is the time to embrace the full potential of field and digital harmonization, and to secure your place at the forefront. So…are you ready to lead or linger?

Kickstart Your Harmonization Journey

To help you get started, we’ve developed a user-friendly maturity model. This tool serves as your guide, mapping the progression from a basic approach to a fully integrated, customer-centric omnichannel strategy that harnesses the full power of technology and data to deepen engagement and achieve better results. With it, you’ll be able to identify current strengths, pinpoint opportunities for growth, and prioritize actions that will elevate your organization’s capabilities. Begin your assessment below and take the first step towards setting new standards in sales and marketing excellence.

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