Trending News – Nov 17, 2022

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In this minisode, Mindy and Ryan take a break from the 2023 sector trends to discuss the initial midterm election results and potential impacts on healthcare. This episode begins with a breakdown of the current state of the Senate and House before the election (0:48). Ryan then provides an overview of the initial midterm election results as we understand them (1:11) before diving into the healthcare topics that were front and center in this election cycle (2:00), specifically noting surprise outcomes in Kentucky (4:05) and South Dakota (4:55). With this new congress in mind, Mindy and Ryan discuss the potential future of the Inflation Reduction Act (5:55) and other healthcare impacts in 2023 and beyond (8:15). The conversation transitions to focus on election results at the state level (11:40) before summarizing key takeaways from the midterm elections overall (14:00).  

Podcast Tags: healthcare, healthcare news, public health, election, Medicaid, midterm elections 

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Ryan Hummel, Executive and Head of Provider Sector 

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