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Vynamic announces partnership with innovations in healthcare to support the growth and impact of global health solutions

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23 July 2020

Philadelphia, PA (23-July-2020) –

Vynamic, a global healthcare industry management consulting firm, and Innovations in Healthcare have created a unique partnership to source, strengthen, study, and scale promising innovations across all healthcare sectors.

Innovations in Healthcare, a Duke University affiliate, is a Durham, NC-based non-profit organization with a vision to scale healthcare innovations worldwide. IiH operates in more than 90 countries, working closely with partners and innovators to expand and scale solutions that have the potential to solve critical healthcare challenges throughout the world.

The announcement follows Vynamic’s opening of its fourth office in Durham, NC earlier this year. The new office is ideally located to both support Innovations in Healthcare and to help current and future healthcare clients in the Research Triangle Park and surrounding areas.

Jeff Dill, CEO at Vynamic, said: “Our partnership with Innovations in Healthcare provides a fantastic opportunity for Vynamic to help healthcare businesses across the globe achieve the three valuable outcomes that we are most passionate about: actionable strategy, operational intelligence, and healthy culture.

“Vynamic’s unique collaborative model and problem-solving approach will help IiH innovators implement their solutions more effectively and efficiently in the places that need it most. We will support these innovators in articulating their value propositions, enabling operational models to help them grow, and cultivating a healthy culture within their organizations.”

Vynamic is proud to support IiH innovators in the work that they’re doing to make high-quality, low-cost healthcare accessible for all through an integrated care delivery model, providing scalable treatments for children born with physical disabilities in low-income countries, launching a new healthcare offering in Mexico, and providing consistent access to medication for chronically ill patients in rural parts of Kenya, Pakistan, and India. To help during the pandemic, Vynamic is also working with an organization that released a COVID-19 screening and educational tool aimed at guiding users through a COVID-19 self-risk assessment based on up-to-date WHO and CDC guidelines.

The partnership will also see Vynamic CEO, Jeff Dill, added to the IiH Board of Advisors. This will provide Vynamic the ability to collaborate with a diverse group of organizations, policy makers, and foundations committed to strengthening and increasing the scale of healthcare innovations worldwide.

Lisa Bourget, IiH Senior Director, Strategy, Management, and Partnerships said: “The support of Vynamic is a huge step for Innovations in Healthcare and we are excited to see how this unique partnership will help to accelerate scalability. We are currently working with nearly 100 innovators who are improving access to healthcare for more than 39 million people.

“We look forward to fusing Vynamic’s experience in rapidly solving complex problems with our ability to identify, grow, and scale promising global healthcare solutions.”

Learn more about Innovations in Healthcare on the latest episode of Vynamic’s Trending Health podcast.

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