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The healthcare industry started in Philadelphia and continues to thrive here. Vynamic calls it home. Built on a foundation of firsts,
Philadelphia’s healthcare industry extends into all sectors.

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Community Events

Fred’s Footsteps: 2021 Presenting “Hope” Sponsor

Vynamic is proud to be the 2021 Presenting "Hope" Sponsor for Fred's Footsteps' Party in the Box.

This year’s virtual event supports Fred’s Footsteps’ commitment to support families in the Philadelphia region who are struggling while caring for a medically fragile child.

Summer 2020

Cooking While Looking – Philadelphia

Vynamic Philadelphia recently gathered virtually for their summer Thrive Live, during which Adam Delosso, Executive Chef at Vynamic favorite 12th St Catering guided the team and many members of the extended Vynamic family through the preparation of a gourmet entrée.

Before they knew it, Vynamic chefs were flying around their kitchens learning how to make a delicious fusilli pasta with shrimp, mixed vegetables, and basil-parmesan pesto. The meal was completed with a kale salad and decadent chocolate-raspberry caramel tart. It was such a fun and informative event filled with laughs, wine, fire alarms, and a truly amazing meal with friends and family!


Why we are passionate about it: 

Cooking has always been an important outlet in my life, whether as a personal de-stressor, an avenue for me to get creative, or one of the ways that I show love for my family and friends. One of the things that has brought me and my fiancé joy during these unprecedented times has been getting together in the kitchen and me teaching him to cook. Figuring out what to make next has brought us joy and excitement, and I was so happy to be able to share an event with my Vynamic family in that same spirit.

Emily Janosik

Winter 2020

Aroi Mak Mak – A Taste of Thailand

Team members from the Vynamic Philly office celebrated the first Thrive Live event of 2020 by sampling a number of “Aroi Mak Mak” (delicious in Thai) Thai dishes curated by the chef at JJ Thai Cuisine, and learning how to make a Thai classic - Som Tum (shredded papaya salad).

Why I am passionate about it: 

I lived in Thailand for a year after college teaching English and traveling around Southeast Asia. During this time I fell in love with the beautiful country, rich culture, welcoming people, and delicious (Aroi) food.

I have been back multiple times over the last 10 years and each time there I find a sense of peace that is hard to find anywhere else. One way I find a little bit of that peace here in the US is by enjoying a special Thai meal with those close to me. Now I am extremely excited to share this experience with my colleagues!

Fall 2019

Sips & Scripts

The Philadelphia team met up at Triple Bottom Brewing where they learned the basics of calligraphy from Rachel and Anna at Tallulah Ketubahs, practiced some beautiful lettering techniques, and enjoyed the brewery's delicious beer and dinner from Honey Grow.

Why I am passionate about it: 

Have you ever noticed how lovely some of our friend’s handwriting is?  Have you ever wished your own messages came across more “thoughtful, beautiful, classy?” This event provided the chance to learn the basics of the art of calligraphy.

I’m also really excited about the event space.  Triple Bottom Brewing at 9th and Spring garden is a new mission-driven brewery with values that resonate with any Vynamic team member.  As their name suggests, they have a “triple bottom line.”  They’re not just about profits, but also take action in support of the environment and the community.  And their space is gorgeous!  Learn more here:


1600 Arch Street
Suite 200
Philadelphia, PA 19103
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1600 Arch Street
Suite 200
Philadelphia, PA 19103
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