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Philadelphia Office

The healthcare industry started in Philadelphia and continues to thrive here. Vynamic calls it home. Built on a foundation of firsts,
Philadelphia’s healthcare industry extends into all sectors.

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Vynamic Office
Working treadmills for walking meetings
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Community Events

Fall 2019

Sips & Scripts

The Philadelphia team met up at Triple Bottom Brewing where they learned the basics of calligraphy from Rachel and Anna at Tallulah Ketubahs, practiced some beautiful lettering techniques, and enjoyed the brewery's delicious beer and dinner from Honey Grow.

Why I am passionate about it: 

Have you ever noticed how lovely some of our friend’s handwriting is?  Have you ever wished your own messages came across more “thoughtful, beautiful, classy?” This event provided the chance to learn the basics of the art of calligraphy.

I’m also really excited about the event space.  Triple Bottom Brewing at 9th and Spring garden is a new mission-driven brewery with values that resonate with any Vynamic team member.  As their name suggests, they have a “triple bottom line.”  They’re not just about profits, but also take action in support of the environment and the community.  And their space is gorgeous!  Learn more here:

Children’s Village

Vynamic Philadelphia was proud to partner with Children’s Village for a 5th CYOCA event with this impactful organization. On that day, students from Children’s Village received a tour of the Vynamic offices and were then paired up with Vynamic Volunteers for a minute to win it challenge! In keeping with their summer theme of “Sports from Around the World”, students learned teamwork, bracket style tournaments, learning (and challenging) game rules, and friendly competition. Mary Graham, Executive Director of CV says, “Vynamic continues to offer engaging experiences to our students, including welcoming them into its incredible Center City Philadelphia workplace. The children and teachers are still abuzz about how much fun they had. Many of our students are from low-income families and we know that these children are much less likely than their more affluent peers to benefit from quality academic enrichment. Vynamic is enhancing the lives of our students in such a meaningful way.” Thank you so much to all who participated!

Malcolm Gladwell “Talking To Strangers” Event Sponsor

Vynamic CEO, Jeff Dill had the honor of introducing author Malcolm Gladwell at his "Talking to Strangers" event at University of Pennsylvania's Irvine Auditorium.

The evening was both thought-provoking and humorous, and explored the pros and cons of innate human trust across a wide range of recent cultural events. Listen now at


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