Building Trust Through Transparency

Vynamic is thrilled to be the first organization to offer ForumWithin as an optional benefit to our team members.



What is ForumWithin?

ForumWithin is a unique cultural process in which groups of 8-12 team members (including a Moderator) meet for three hours every month to practice transparency and vulnerability through organized discussion of personal and professional topics and challenges. Groups are made up of diverse individuals from a variety of backgrounds, departments, levels, tenures, and personalities to enable depth and vulnerability to emerge over time. Through meeting protocol and thoughtfully curated agendas, each team member has equal time to speak and share among the group.

Why ForumWithin? 

We believe that team member relationships are key to determining the future success of an organization. Trust helps enable healthy culture. Healthy culture improves motivation, and motivation drives results. Engrained in our values and driven by our purpose, “We believe there is a better way”, ForumWithin has helped us continue building strong team relationships and an open, trusting culture while bypassing common negative themes often observed in the consulting industry.

What are the benefits? 

In addition to trust and relationship building, ForumWithin helps enable personal and professional development through self-discovery, active listening, storytelling, and presentation experience. This judgment-free environment encourages open conversation in the workplace through a commitment to confidentiality and peer-to-peer trust. It is a unique cultural process that has also led to increased morale and engagement among team members.