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Trending News EU – 3rd August 2023

3 August 2023

On this week’s Trending News EU episode, Jack and Ollie discuss a few recent EU-based newsworthy items including new therapies slowing Alzheimer’s progression (0:35), practical application of AI to reduce waiting times in NHS hospitals (8:34), and the impact of the recent European heatwave on healthcare systems (14:03).

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Source Links:

· Alzheimer’s drug donanemab helps most when taken at earliest disease stage

· NHS ‘nowhere near ready’ to deliver new Alzheimer’s drug

· Drug donanemab seen as turning point in dementia fight

· Donanemab: NHS ‘not ready’ for Alzheimer’s wonder drugs as patients face postcode lottery for brain scans

· Life sciences competitiveness indicators 2023

· There’s Finally a Fully Approved Alzheimer’s Drug—But Getting It Won’t Be Easy

· How AI is helping to shrink waiting times for NHS cancer patients

· AI cuts waiting times for cancer patients in NHS first

· Google and Microsoft Vie for Dominance in AI Healthcare

· Heatwaves, hospitals and health system resilience in England: a qualitative assessment of frontline perspectives from the hot summer of 2019

· Why do NHS hospitals struggle to handle heatwaves?

· The impact of the 2003 heat wave on mortality and hospital admissions in England

· Heat and health in the WHO European Region: updated evidence for effective prevention

· UK heatwave piles further pressure on stretched NHS services

· Heat, Heatwaves and Cardiorespiratory Hospital Admissions in Helsinki, Finland

· Italian hospitals report sharp rise in emergency cases as Rome hits 41.8C

· Parisians are most at risk of dying in European heatwaves

· Medicines manufacturing has the potential to drive UK growth over the next 10 years

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