i am: Alissa Bookman

Alissa Bookman
Alissa Bookman


My Vynamic Color
Strawberry Red

Why the healthcare industry
Healthcare affects all of us very personally, and there are limitless opportunities to create positive and rewarding impacts within the healthcare industry to benefit patients 

Past employment
Forrester Research, Compete, Comscore 

B.S. in Business Management, Babson College 

My Vynamic color
Strawberry Red – When I was a kid, I grew strawberries in my mom’s garden every year. They’ve always been my favorite food. Biting into a strawberry is like tasting peak summer 

Bottom line
I love to solve problems, whether it’s breaking down a complex issue to understand the underlying need or creating and implementing new solutions to drive positive business outcomes 

Best early career advice received
Change is uncomfortable. In order to grow, be comfortable being uncomfortable 

My pet
I have a cuddly Black Lab named Ollie who loves swimming, playing fetch, and begging for treats 

How I unwind
Every weekend my husband, my dog, and I hike one of the many beautiful Trustees properties around Boston. We love to get outside for exercise and fresh air as a great way to decompress 

Boston favorite
Siena Farms CSA membership program – it includes a huge box of seasonal and local vegetables every week. They have a great, little store in the South End 

The one app I can’t live without
All Trails – it’s perfect for discovering new walking paths or trails, or for finding your way back to your car when you get lost! 

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