i am: Arran Basra

Arran Basra
Arran Basra


My Vynamic Color
Deep Space Blue

Healthcare sector experience
Life Sciences

Favorite professional work experience
Collaborating with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to work on strategies to accelerate the introduction of life-saving medicines in low- and middle-income countries

Past employment

Locations I’ve worked
U.S., Europe, Saudi Arabia

My Vynamic color
Deep Space Blue – It’s a shade of blue that contrasts amazingly with white to resemble the sky at night, a landscape stimulating curiosity, discovery, and innovation

Master of Pharmacy & Ph.D. in Nanomedicine Formulation, University of Nottingham, UK

Favorite personal accomplishment
Black Belt in Karate (style of Wado-Ryu, 1st Dan)

Favorite sports team
Manchester United Football Club (not “soccer”…)

How I unwind
Switching between 5km and 10km runs whilst listening to podcasts or “chill out vibe” playlists

Recently learned how to
Solve a Rubik’s cube. It took me about two weeks in broken sessions during long bus rides along the bumpy roads of Cambodia & Vietnam

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