i am: Ashley Stanley

Ashley Stanley
Ashley Stanley


My Vynamic Color
Sapphire Blue

Select functional expertise
Strategic Planning, Process Design, Digital Multi-channel Marketing, Global Project Management, Interactive Detailing Deployment Management

My professional passion
Working hard and building relationships with people who are energized by new ideas, technologies and challenges

Villanova University

How I unwind
Going for a run or reading

Favorite travel destination
Naples, Florida. I go every year around my birthday in February to get away from the cold and relax on the beach

Favorite professional work experience
Partnering with a smart and enthusiastic cross-functional team to strategize, design and execute a health system strategy

Bottom line
Organized. Strategic. Focused. Driven.

Ontario, Canada

My family
My husband Nathan, daughters Emma and Avery and son Tommy

I joined Vynamic
To be part of the unique culture and work with people who inspire me to do and be my best every day

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