i am: Ashley Stanley

Ashley Stanley
Ashley Stanley


My Vynamic Color
Sapphire Blue

My Vynamic Role
Executive and Product Launch Service Lead

Healthcare sector experience
Life sciences

Healthcare sector areas of focus
Product Launch, Strategic Planning, Process Design, Multi-channel Marketing

Favorite professional work experience
Partnered with an oncology team to prepare for and launch their first product. Working with a remarkable group of people and seeing the positive impact made in patients’ lives reminds me of the importance of the work we do

My professional passion
Working hard and building relationships with people who are energized by new ideas, technologies and challenges

Ontario, Canada

How I unwind
Going for a run or reading

Favorite travel destination
Naples, Florida. Sunny skies and beautiful beaches help me disconnect and recharge

My family
My husband Nathan, daughters Emma and Avery, and son Tommy

Durham favorite
Bull City Burger & Brewery. They make everything themselves except the ketchup!

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