i am: Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson


My Vynamic Color
Great North

My professional passion
Creating relationships and developing creative solutions to business problems 

B.A. in Marketing and Psychology, Penn State University 

Past employment
IBM, Navigate, Comcast 

Select functional expertise
Technology Design, Strategic Road Mapping, Project Management, Process Improvement 

Best early career advice received
Transparency breeds trust 

My Vynamic color
Great North – This color showcases Canada, where I was born and where all my extended family still lives 

Athletic pursuits
I love playing hockey, golf, and anything with a racquet or paddle 

Music and arts involvement
Philly is a great spot for concerts and local art shows. We like to go to weekend art shows and concerts at the numerous locations in the city 

Location’s I’ve lived
Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, London, Philadelphia 

Hobby I’ve spent way too much time on
I love to paint on canvas. Historical data shows one out of six are “wall-worthy” 

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