i am: Brian Stamm

Brian Stamm
Brian Stamm

My Vynamic Color
Relaxed Red

Select functional experience
Brand strategy, business process improvement and strategic planning

My Vynamic color
Relaxed Red: I am a calm, relaxed person who does not allow the small things to create stress, but at the same time I’m very passionate about the things that matter most to me.  Learn more about my story.

Community causes
Active team member at an annual Cycle for Survival fundraising event for Memorial Sloan Kettering.

Favorite travel destination
Beaver Creek, CO

Favorite professional work experience
Helping a Pharmaceutical company launch a drug in the oncology space

Favorite sports teams
Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia Flyers and Syracuse Orange

You may not have known 
I was once featured in a print advertisement that ran in the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and BusinessWeek

My professional passion
Mentoring and coaching others

Best early career advice
Put yourself in your client’s shoes

Little known fact
I don’t own a single pair of solid colored work socks. I take pride in collecting and wearing crazy socks

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