i am: Brian Stamm

Brian Stamm
Brian Stamm

My Vynamic Color
Relaxed Red

My Vynamic role
Executive and Product Launch Service Lead

Select functional expertise
5+ years of experience across multiple organizations focused on bringing new products to market, launch line extensions, and label updates within Oncology and rare disease.

My professional passion
Mentoring and coaching others

Why the Healthcare industry
My work gives me the opportunity to directly impact the lives of patients throughout various areas of therapy

Community causes 
My wife and I started a non-profit organization in 2018 – The Stamm Family Healing Hands Foundation – that strives to help children who have lost a parent to cancer at an early age by donating to causes that fund cancer research as well as provide much needed support to children dealing with the tragic lose of a parent due to cancer.

My Vynamic color
Relaxed Red – I am a calm, relaxed person who does not allow the small things to create stress, but at the same time I’m very passionate about the things that matter most to me.  Learn more about my story.

Best early career advice
Being a leader is not about lifting up one’s self but rather building a team

Favorite travel destination
Charleston, South Carolina – most specifically the Ocean Course at Kiawah Island.

Little known fact
I don’t own a single pair of solid colored work socks. I take pride in collecting and wearing crazy socks

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