i am: Connor Lippincott

Connor Lippincott
Connor Lippincott


My Vynamic Color
Screamin' Green

B.S.E. in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering & B.A. in Environmental Science, University of Pennsylvania

Past employment
IBM Global Business Services

Select functional expertise
Agile, Design Thinking, Strategic Planning, Process Design, Project Management, Data Analytics

I joined Vynamic
To work with a group of highly motivated, intelligent, and diverse people looking to make an impact in our society

Philly favorite
The Philly food scene is amazing in general, but one of my recent favorites was the omakase table at Royal Sushi

Locations I’ve worked
Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit, and Kolkata, India

I was born and raised in Charlotte, NC (Go Panthers!)

My favorite book
My favorite novel is The Secret History by Donna Tartt and my favorite non-fiction book is The Uninhabitable Earth by David Wallace-Wells

Favorite travel destination
I spent a summer in college in Germany and fell in love with the food, the culture, and (especially) the beer. I can’t wait to get back

Hobby I’ve spent way too much time on
I’m a huge music nerd who loves checking out new albums and going to concerts. Some of my favorites are Tame Impala and Kendrick Lamar, both of whom I’ve seen at least four times

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