i am: Jessica Denayer

Jessica Denayer
Jessica Denayer


My Vynamic Color
Sky Blue

Favorite professional work experience
Working directly with patients and providers, learning what it’s truly like to live with chronic illness, and collaborating on ways to help 

B.A. in English, Providence College – go Friars! 

Select functional expertise
Consumer Product Launches, Digital Marketing, Operational Efficiency 

Best early career advice received
There is opportunity in chaos 

My Vynamic color
Sky Blue – To me the sky represents endless possibilities. It serves as a nice reminder that whatever problem you’re facing, there’s a way through it

You may not have known
I have citizenship in three countries: U.S., Belgium, and Ireland 

My pet
My half-cattle dog, half-golden retriever Maggie. She has endless energy and falls in love with every living thing she meets. She brings us constant joy and exhaustion! 

My favorite restaurant
My favorite restaurant is Sarma in Somerville, MA for incredible Mediterranean-inspired small plates 

Keys for success
Build strong relationships and cultivate trust people can rely on 

A Boston favorite
I love the walkability of Boston – you can easily go from the waterfront through the common to Back Bay and see so much of what the city has to offer 

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