i am: Kristen Hober

Kristen Hober
Kristen Hober


My Vynamic Color

My Vynamic role
Staffing Manager 

My professional passion
Helping others understand where opportunity exists and connecting people to motivating opportunities; experiencing cross-functional collaboration coming to life to successfully deliver for our clients 

Bottom line
I care deeply that both my colleagues and our clients feel supported and cared for – and I will always do whatever it takes to get the job done. I’m a big fan of working smarter (not harder)! 

Past employment
Adelphi Research, part of Omnicom Health Group  

Keys for success
Make genuine connections. Communicate honestly and transparently. Never become too comfortable/never stop learning. Always contribute and always appreciate perspective. 

My Vynamic color
Laugh-Often-LemonLime – This color represents my zest for life and for people. I’m energized by being around great people who make me laugh – personally and professionally. Life is truly too short to be serious all the time (and laughter is such a powerful tool) 

My family
My husband, Phil, and our sweet daughters, Hailey and Leah – the loves of my life 

My pet
Reggie, aka Mr. Handsome (our cockapoo/good boy) 

How I unwind
Good music and good wine (together, preferably)!  

A Philadelphia best kept secret
Tacconelli’s pizza  

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