i am: Lee Ramsden

Lee Ramsden
Lee Ramsden


My Vynamic Color
Lehigh Brown

Select functional expertise
Systems implementation, process design

My professional passion
Solving unique, complex, and interesting problems

Past employment
IBM, Quintiq

Dual degree in Electrical Engineering and Business, Lehigh University

My Vynamic color
Lehigh Brown reminds me of the professors and classmates that helped me form the basis of the skills and mindset I use everyday in my career

How I unwind
Taking a long bike ride along the Schuylkill River Trail

I could teach you how to
Smoke a delicious rack of ribs

Now learning how to

As a child I wanted to be
A chef

I joined Vynamic
To be able to create real world change in the healthcare field while working with other passionate professionals

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