i am: Lindsey Sorensen

Lindsey Sorensen
Lindsey Sorensen


My Vynamic Color
Sleeping Bear Cerulean

Favorite professional work experience
Developing a core values program for a federal agency  

B.A. in Liberal Studies, Grand Valley State University; MAEdHD in Organizational Leadership & Learning, The George Washington University  

Past employment
Eagle Hill Consulting, Indiana University Health  

My Vynamic color
Sleeping Bear Cerulean – I chose this color based on a photo of Lake Michigan that I took from Pyramid Point, a gorgeous spot in the Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore Park that is accessible via a hiking trail that leads up to the top of the sand dunes. The place, and the color, bring a deep sense of calm and a reminder to stay grounded

My family
My husband, Michael, and our kitties, Indy and Alexi. Michael and I were introduced by a mutual friend at a Groupmuse event that I hosted (the cats chose us, as cats tend to do) 

My professional passion
I am passionate about enabling and supporting humanistic leadership and healthy work environments  

Best early career advice received
Find something you truly enjoy doing 

You may not have know
One of the most illuminating experiences of my life was attending a Center for Courage & Renewal (CCR) retreat in my late twenties.  I have a long-term goal to facilitate retreats for CCR, and I am taking steps to make it happen 

Favorite travel destination
A serious case of wanderlust takes me near and far, but I adore New Orleans. My husband and I spent a month there in 2022 during Carnival season, soaking up every bit of sun, food, music, nature, culture, history, and art we could take in 

My hero
I am a huge Julia Child fan – her pioneering spirit, her tenacity, and her joie de vivre. I may have cried when I visited her kitchen at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History

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