i am: Makenzie Mitchell

Makenzie Mitchell
Makenzie Mitchell


My Vynamic Color
Pufferfish Yellow

My Vynamic role
Boston Events and Experience Manager 

B.A. Psychology, Boston College  

Favorite professional work experience
Planning a free summer solstice sunset outdoor yoga class on the Fan Pier Marina breakwater dock 

My industry passion
Forming genuine relationships with people and delivering unique experiences to those people 

My pet
Finn is my feisty and affectionate 5-year-old Cockapoo (the runt of the litter). He loves to play rough and chase the ball in the dog park followed by lots of snuggles on the couch. 

My Vynamic color
Pufferfish Yellow – Yellow has always been my favorite color, despite my strictly neutral wardrobe. It’s bright, vibrant, inviting, and stimulating, which I like to believe are all qualities I have. Pufferfish yellow is a bright yellow that stands out in the ocean and reminds me of my favorite place: the beach! 

Past employment
WeWork, lululemon 

Where I unwind
Craigville Beach in West Hyannisport, Cape Cod 

Favorite local community event
The Boston Marathon 

My favorite restaurant
Pammy’s in Cambridge 

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