i am: Marisa Wilks

Marisa Wilks
Marisa Wilks


My Vynamic Color
Classic Champagne

Healthcare sector experience
Life Sciences 

My professional passion
I find great joy in building genuine, strong relationships with both my colleagues and clients. I am passionate about understanding people’s interests and strengths, and then doing anything that I can to support their personal and professional growth 

Keys for success
1) Treat everyone the way that you would want to be treated, and 2) whenever the opportunity presents itself, pay it forward 

Past employment
Prior to joining Vynamic, I have spent the last 7 years serving Fortune 100 companies, in an advisory capacity, at my former consulting firms CGI and EY 

Why the Healthcare industry
I find gratification knowing that the work and effort that I exhibit daily ultimately is supporting a network of service much greater than just me 

My Vynamic color
Classic Champagne – I believe there is something positive to be discovered and celebrated in every circumstance. Because of that, I choose to look at every glass, especially a champagne flute, half full 

You may not have known
Although I am Italian, I am a horrible cook. In fact, it’s one of my least favorite things to do! 

Favorite personal accomplishment
I was extremely proud of myself when I chased after a long-term goal of mine and became a spin instructor at a local fitness studio 

My pet
My husband and I have a golden retriever puppy named Kali. I gave her to him as a birthday gift, truly having no idea what I was in for! She has been, by far, the biggest learning experience of my life. She has a human-like personality, and she has enhanced my ability to express patience, selflessness, and affection 

Favorite tradition
I absolutely love being Italian and celebrating my family’s Christmas Eve tradition of the Feast of the Seven Fishes. In true Italian fashion, my family makes way too much food for every occasion. Christmas Eve is super special, though 

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