i am: Matthew Howard

Matthew Howard
Matthew Howard


My Vynamic Color

My Vynamic role
As Vynamic’s Hub Experience & Enablement Director, I have the privilege of leading our Office & Hospitality teams which manage our Vynamic offices, signature events, and community engagement efforts, and work closely with Spoke team members, our Sustainability Council, and many cross-functional team members. I also serve as one of Vynamic’s Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Council Co-Leads, which is a huge passion, and continue to support our clients as a SME on select consulting engagements focused on DEI and/or Clinical Research

Select functional expertise
Clinical research innovation; eSource for clinical research; customer experience; data collection & analysis; process design & improvement; diversity, equity, & inclusion; office operations & management; strategic event & workshop planning

B.B.A. in Management from the Villanova School of Business

Best early career advice received
Never let yourself be bored; find the next problem to solve!

Locations I’ve worked
44 states & 28 countries across 5 continents, including helping to open Vynamic’s Durham, NC office

Passionate about
Cheerleading: I cheered at Villanova and later coached for four seasons, including a 5th place finish at UCA College Nationals; I also coached at the University of Pennsylvania

Favorite book
The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander was a hugely influential read for both my personal and professional growth.

Hobby I’ve spent way too much time on
Following the WTA & ATP Tours

My greatest lesson learned
We are all a work in progress

My Vynamic color
Indelible: A reminder to be conscientious with our words and actions, as they can leave an indelible impression on those we encounter

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