i am: Nathan Carroll

Nathan Carroll
Nathan Carroll


My Vynamic Color
Emerald Green

Healthcare sector experience
Providers, Health Plans, Life Sciences   

Select functional expertise
Project & Programme Management, Change Management, Process Design, Operating Model Design  

Favorite professional work experience
Project Managing the opening of two new healthcare facilities  

Locations I’ve worked
Dublin, London, USA

Best early career advice received
Get comfortable with being uncomfortable  

My greatest lesson learned
Keep questioning your assumptions and challenging “common knowledge” 

My favorite book
“Thinking, Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahnema

Music and arts involvement
I’m a big live music fan and have been playing the guitar from a young age 

I’m certified as
A Scuba Diver

Interesting summer job
I was a Paddleboard Instructor in California, which coincided with my first time being on a paddleboard!  

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