i am: Nicole Begbie

Nicole Begbie
Nicole Begbie


My Vynamic Color
Café au Lait

Healthcare sector experience
Life Sciences 

Healthcare sector areas of focus
Mergers & Acquisitions, Commercial Operations, Digital Marketing, Medical Affairs 

Favorite professional work experience
Designing and facilitating a visioning workshop for a newly integrated Commercial Operations team, resulting in definition of the team’s vision, ways of working, capabilities, and goals 

Why the Healthcare industry
I started my career on Wall Street and really struggled with finding meaning in my work. Working in Life Sciences I can see how my contributions can improve patient lives, and that purpose drives my passion and excitement for what I do 

My Vynamic color
Café au Lait – I love everything a cup of coffee represents – starting a new day, savoring a quiet moment, or connecting with a friend. Pausing to take a sip reminds me to slow down and savor the moment, something I try to translate to the rest of my life 

Past employment
Slalom Consulting, Eagle Hill Consulting, JP Morgan 

Favorite personal accomplishment
Becoming a mom. I welcomed by first daughter in March of 2020 and managed becoming a parent while also navigating an unprecedented global pandemic 

Music and arts involvement
I’ve always loved to dance. Every Thursday, my girlfriends and I attend Hip Hop class and, while we certainly don’t look like professionals, we have so much fun! 

Where I unwind
My yoga mat – whether it’s a sweaty yoga sculpt class or a relaxing yoga flow, I love clearing my mind and having a zen moment 

My favorite travel destination
Saugatuck, Michigan – the perfect mix of art, food, and beach. I grew up visiting there every summer and have continued the tradition with my own family 

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