i am: Peter Stevens

Peter Stevens
Peter Stevens


My Vynamic Color
Oak Green

Healthcare sector experience
Life Sciences, Public Health 

Favorite professional work experience
Supporting a client to fundamentally redesign their illness and injury compensation claim process with a focus on improving the customer and employee experience to deliver an improved service more efficiently 

Select functional expertise
Operating Model Design, Process Design, Project Management, Service Design 

Locations I’ve worked
Basel, Budapest, Stockholm, Prague, and all over the UK 

Favorite travel destination
Switzerland – a small country that packs a punch; stunning scenery that changes with the seasons, some great cities, each with their own identity, and the spiritual home of fondue 

My Vynamic color
Oak Green – For me, it’s a deep but calming colour that evokes memories of my more rural surroundings growing up; as a keen classic car enthusiast, it also happens to be a niche hue that you might find on some of my favourite old four-wheeled metal 

Keys for success
Trust, accountability, and perseverance

Athletic pursuits
While not accomplished by any means, I do enjoy trying to reduce my losses to friends in tennis, getting out on the bike, and skiing when conditions allow 

Favorite sports team
Liverpool Football Club 

Recently learned how to
Build a push bike from the frame up  

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