i am: Peter Svalbe

Peter Svalbe
Peter Svalbe


My Vynamic Color
Ocean Sunset

Select functional experience
Program & Project Management, Agile Methods 

Best early career advice received
Cultivate a mindset of learning and curiosity throughout your career. With that you will continually grow, explore new paths, and find creative solutions 

My professional passion
I love the challenges and rewards that come with cross-functional collaboration. Everyone brings a unique set of expertise and together we can make magic happen 

MBA, Kellogg School of Management  

Why the Healthcare Industry
The complexity of this industry is intellectually challenging. At the same time, it is highly rewarding given our goals can lead to better patient experiences and healthier lives 

My family
My wife, Jennifer, and our two wonderful daughters, Madeline and Annika 

Little known fact
Although I was born in the United States, my first language was Latvian 

Favorite personal accomplishment
U.S. Fulbright Scholarship to study music in Riga, Latvia 

Community causes
I’m currently part of a community volunteer group working to develop a new 17-mile biking trail in Norfolk county, the Metacomet Greenway 

My Vynamic color
Ocean Sunset – I grew up on the beaches of Southern California. Ocean sunsets always bring memories of those days and help me remember to enjoy life 

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