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Patsy Shaw

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My Vynamic color

Happy Little Trees / #737148

Results-oriented Business Development Operations Manager | Leveraging data for growth & actionable insights | Competitive Intelligence | Pipeline Management | Proposal Generation | Contract Review

Philadelphia, PA

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Best early career advice received

At the end of the day, it is not the job position or title that matters. What matters most is your character and the person you become. Find a job that builds your character for the better.

Favorite professional work experience

I arranged international air ambulance evacuations in remote areas of the world.

Favorite Vynamic event

All the Thrive Lives - I love hearing about what my colleagues are passionate about and I also love learning new things.

Keys for success

Kindness, Consistency, Curiosity, & Passion

Why I joined Vynamic

I joined Vynamic because of its healthy and vibrant culture, its wonderful people, and because of all the opportunities they offer for growth.

Favorite local community event/tradition

I love going to the Manayunk Arts Festival every year. I absolutely enjoy getting to know and support local artists and trying new food trucks.

Favorite personal accomplishment

I participated in The 100 Day Project and painted florals on old hymn pages every single day for 100 days. Not only did I complete the challenge, but I also sold every hymn painting I ever made.

How I unwind

My favorite way to unwind is by working with my hands. I love taking community art classes at the Abington Art Center, which is also a beautiful manor where my husband and I got married!

My Vynamic color

As a painter I have been on a mission to find the perfect shade of green. I had my eureka moment when I discovered that my favorite shade of green is not the traditional mixture of blue and yellow, but a mixture of white, black, and yellow. It's a reminder for me to pursue my curiosities.

You may have not known

I competed internationally for tennis in 6 different countries.

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