i am: Rohan Giblin

Rohan Giblin
Rohan Giblin


My Vynamic Color
Sage Green

Healthcare sector experience
Life Sciences, Healthcare Technology  

Select functional expertise
Strategic Analysis and Planning, Insights Optimization, Patient Centricity, Product Launch Strategy

My professional passion
Working alongside clients to improve the quality and longevity of patients’ lives  

Best early career advice received
Choose a profession that provides a meaningful purpose to you. Use that purpose as your North Star for directing your future endeavours 

My Vynamic color
Sage Green – At the time of writing, my fiancée and I are deep in “wedding planning territory” and have selected this colour as the theme for our wedding. In that sense, it represents my present, and my future 

B.A. in Philosophy and Psychology, University of Cambridge   

Favorite personal accomplishment
London Marathon – I was very happy to finish, but I struggled a lot! I couldn’t walk on the way home, and it was so bad that an elderly lady offered me her seat on the tube 

Favorite sports team
Arsenal FC. I took my fiancée to an arsenal game once. We lost 10-2. She ended up joining the opposition crowd and leading their chants 

Unusual past job
I worked in the 2012 London Olympics, sharing race times from the aquatic centre with the global media and pretending to look busy whilst I watched the races 

The one app I can’t live without
Chipolo: you attach a chip to your keys and wallet, and you can then ‘call’ those items whenever they go missing – very useful for someone who routinely misplaces their keys throughout the day  

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