i am: Sabina Akhter

Sabina Akhter
Sabina Akhter


My Vynamic Color
Serene Sage

My professional passion
To utilize my skillset and expertise to develop and improve healthcare organizations’ strategy in order to better serve patients across the care continuum 

Healthcare sector experience
Providers, Public Health, Life Sciences

B.S. in Public Health, University of Maryland College Park; MHA, The George Washington University  

Past employment
Johns Hopkins, Trinity Health Mid-Atlantic, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital 

Best early career advice received
Never be the smartest person in the room and always ask questions! 

My Vynamic color
Serene Sage – Green represents growth and remaining grounded and resilient when faced with challenges. This also represents wisdom, intelligence, and experience – all vital aspects of a healthy individual

My family
My wonderful husband, Hassan, and our baby boy Ilyas 

My pet
Phoenix is our adorable Siberian orange tabby kitten who’s super fluffy and loves cuddles 

How I unwind
Going for a hike on a beautiful day, connecting with family and nature, watching a cheesy rom-com movie 

Favorite travel destinations
Paris, Barcelona, and the Pocono Mountains 

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