i am: Sai Khisty

Sai Khisty
Sai Khisty


My Vynamic Color
Sapling Green

Favorite professional work experience
Working within an interdisciplinary team of providers and administrators to re-engineer a hospital unit to be more financially viable and clinically appropriate for the target patient population

B.S. in Cell Biology & Neuroscience and Public Health, Rutgers University. MHA, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Past employment

I joined Vynamic
To contribute to and learn from progress in healthcare across a variety of sectors, alongside a team that encourages unique perspectives and a physically and mentally healthy culture

My Vynamic color
Sapling Green – A green thumb is deemed a powerful blessing in our family lineage as nurturing plants requires patience, attentiveness, and practical knowledge. Seeing a sapling finally emerge from the soil reminds me of the importance of these qualities as well as the legacy of my family

Best early career advice received
The smartest people in the room are adept at both listening intently and asking great questions

You may not have known
I indulge in silent meditation retreats multiple times a year – days with yoga, breathing exercises, organic diets, and without phones, the internet, or speaking

Music and arts involvement
I am getting back in touch with learning classical Indian singing (northern style) – the art is to share the air with percussion and showcase the ability to improvise within a defined set of musical rules (ragas)

Favorite travel destination
New Zealand. The preservation of nature there was breathtaking – this place is a glimpse of what the Earth looks like untouched by the human footprint

Rules to live by
“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” – Martin Buber

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